Wildlife Conservation

The group was formed following the interest expressed in the Parish Plan (survey figures pending) in seeing areas of the village managed to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife, and the restoration of fast disappearing wildflower, bird and insect species in our landscape.

We work closely with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, the County Council and the District Council to ensure there is a healthy balance between keeping the village well maintained, safe and tidy for residents and making it a safe haven for wildlife.

We are especially delighted that some local landowners have given us care of some of their land where we are already growing species of wildflowers, shrubs and trees to improve the habitat.We welcome new members and volunteers from anywhere in the area to help us with our work.

Our most recent project was the planting of the Weston Community Orchard on three locations on Wetherley Rise - at the top of Sabin Drive, behind the Village Hall and on the green on the South side of Alderman Way at its junction Sabin Drive.

If you'd like to join the group contact Peter Haine on 01926 633153 or email him - phaine@btinternet.com