Cubbington Woods

An easy and fairly flat walk, through peaceful farmland, of which the highlight in spring has to be the stunning carpet of wood anemones and bluebells in South Cubbington Wood.


Distance: 3 miles (shorter route) or 4½ miles (longer route)

Approximate time:  1½ hours or 2 hours

Map: OS Explorer 221

St.Michael ChurchParking (A): Opposite St. Michael’s, Weston under Wetherley - photo (a) – a 12th century church, built of red sandstone (grid reference 360692)

Between the layby and Glebe Cottage, walk through a gap in the hedge and along the left side of a field, by a brick wall and then a beech hedge, until you reach the corner of the field.

Go through a kissing gate, across a paddock by an enclosed path and through another kissing gate, then across a footbridge.Turn right and walk along the edge of a stream, on a wide footpath, until you reach a track leading to Weston Hall Farm on your right.Turn left onto the track and immediately right; after 80 metres, go through a gap in the hedge and over a bridge to emerge in the corner of another field by farm buildings.

Cubbington WoodsWalk up the left side of the field towards Cubbington Wood - photo (b), turning right and then left to enter it, and walking straight ahead to emerge into another field (B), with Cubbington village straight ahead, and slightly to your left, the ‘landmark’ of Eden Towers  in Lillington.

Pear TreeWalking round the corner of the field, you pass a 200-year-old beautiful pear tree - photo (c), one of the oldest in existence, though maybe not for long if the HS2 railway line constructors arrive!

Walking straight ahead will bring you into Cubbington via a children’s playground, where you could visit the King’s Head pub, or continue on to the village centre shops – this diversion will add another 1½ miles to the walk.

Otherwise turn left, and walk along the wood edge, entering it shortly before the field corner.

Turn right and through the wood, walking straight ahead to come out into another large field, with open views over Offchurch and beyond.

Turn left, walking along the edge of the wood, then continuing gently downhill through two more fields and straight across the next one.

At this point (C), you have a choice:

Shorter alternative:

Turn left at the hedge until you reach a field corner, through a hedge gap and turn left.

Crossing a track, walk over a concrete bridge and through a kissing gate, then straight across a field towards a small brick barn (D).

Ladies MockJust to the right of the barn, walk through a gate and head uphill - photo (d), with Weston church on the horizon.  At the top of the hill, follow a track between two fences to reach the road, opposite Church Farm, then turn left to return to the start of the walk.

Longer alternative:

Footbridge over River LeamTurn right, and at the field corner walk down a slope to a track through trees, crossing the River Leam via a metal footbridge - photo (e), and turning immediately left.

St. Margarets Church HunninghamMillenium WindowFollow the river’s meanderings until the field corner, where you turn right through a kissing gate, following the left field edge.The river reappears – follow it all the way for nearly 1km to Hunningham, past the 13th century St Margaret’s Church - photos (f) and (g) - (open in daylight hours) on your right,

The Red Lion PHand heading straight for the Red Lion pub - photo (h) – another good reason for a diversion!

At the road (E), cross the river by a 17th century sandstone bridge, and pass through a kissing gate on your left, just after the Severn Trent pumping station.

Head straight across several fields via kissing gates, passing Bridge Barn to your left, until you reach a small brick barn.Just before the barn turn right and head uphill - photo (d), with Weston church on the horizon.  At the top of the hill, follow a track between two fences to reach the road, opposite Church Farm, then turn left to return to the start of the walk.

A few reminders from the Countryside Code:

  • Leave gates and property as you find them and follow footpaths.
  • Take your litter home.
  • Keep dogs under effective control, especially when in fields with farm animals.
  • Clean up after your dog to protect other walkers and farm animals.