Four Villages

This walk passes from Weston through the villages of Wappenbury, Hunningham and Offchurch, allowing for refreshments to be taken at the Red Lion and Stag pubs – always a good incentive for a walk!

Distance: 3 miles (shorter route) or 7 miles (longer route)

Approximate time: 1½ hours or 3 hours                                 

Map: OS Explorer 221

Parking: In the car park of what used to be (but is sadly now closed), the Bull Inn, at the edge of Weston under Wetherley on the road towards Princethorpe (grid reference 368695, or near the start of Hunningham Road.

Facing the road, turn right and enter Hunningham Road, turning left onto a footpath after about 50m.  Follow the path along the left over a stile/gate and down through a few trees, then across a footbridge to an oak tree.

Climb over a stile to the right of the tree, and follow two sides of the field until you walk through a hedge gap to emerge into a large field (A).

Walk diagonally across the field under a telegraph line, aiming for the right edge of a pond, where the path leads over stepping stones and gradually up towards a farm of Christmas trees at the edge of the village of Wappenbury.

Climb over a stile and immediately right through a kissing gate, then down a slope to cross the River Leam by a stone and brick footbridge.

Continue in the same direction across a field to its corner, then along the next field edge to reach Hunningham via a gate.

Turn right and follow the road down to the Red Lion (B), where you have a choice:
Shorter alternative:

Walk over the river by a 17th century sandstone bridge, passing through a kissing gate on your left, just after the Severn Trent pumping station.

Walk diagonally across the field to go through another kissing gate by a telegraph pole into an arable field adjoining the houses of the village of Weston.

Follow the left side of the field until you come to a kissing gate, go through it and continue in the same direction to the field corner (C), then walk gently uphill towards St. Michael’s church, bearing left and through a final kissing gate to reach a track between two fences, arriving at the road opposite Church Farm. Turn right and walk through Weston to return to the start of the walk.

Longer alternative:

Cross a stile opposite the Red Lion, and follow the path of the River Leam for nearly a kilometre, walking past the 13th century St Margaret’s Church in Hunningham (open in daylight hours).

Where the path curves right by a signpost (D), walk straight across the middle of a field aiming for a gap in the far hedge, where you turn right and immediately left towards farm buildings.

Walk past two rusty tugs and follow the left field edge to a gate, then through trees to a kissing gate (E).
Cross three stiles, then through a gate to walk through a farmyard.

Walk across the next field, and out to a road in the centre of Offchurch, opposite the Stag Inn.

Retrace your steps as far as the rusty tugs, then curve left to follow a wide track past a brick bunker until you cross over the river via a metal footbridge.

Walk straight ahead through trees, then uphill to a hedge gap, to emerge into the corner of a large field (F).

Continue in the same direction along the right hand field edge, then right through a hedge gap in the far corner, continuing in the same direction.

Crossing a track, walk over a concrete bridge and through a kissing gate, then straight across a field towards a small brick barn (G).
Just to the right of the barn, walk through a gate and head uphill, with Weston church on the horizon.  At the top of the hill, follow a track between two fences to reach the road, opposite Church Farm, then turn right and walk through Weston to return to the start of the walk.