Wethele Manor to Waverley and Wappenbury Woods

Distance: 4 miles

Approximate time: 2 hours

Map: OS Explorer 221

Parking: Layby near St. Michael’s Church, Weston under Wetherley - 12th century, built of red sandstone (grid reference 358694)

1. Take the footpath between Wetherley Lodge and Little Haven, following it straight ahead downhill and across two further fields, rising towards trees on the ridge, with Wethele Manor to your left.

2. Continue straight ahead across the middle of two more fields, the second one heading for a kissing gate in the corner.

3. Follow the left side of the field until you reach a gap in the hedge – walk through this and head diagonally half right across another field to emerge onto the road next to Waverley Wood. Turn right, and left after 200 metres onto a footpath.

4. Follow the left edge of the field, in between farm buildings on your right and the earth mounds of a landfill site on your left.

5. Walk through a kissing gate in the field corner, and left through another after 25m, then right between a barbed wire fence to your left and trees to your right.

6. Emerging into a field corner, turn right, signposted to Wappenbury, and follow the right field edge until you cross a footbridge on your right.

7. Walk half left across a field, heading for a signpost where the trees thin out, then across a stile and the left field edge.

8. Halfway across the next field, turn left over another footbridge by a signpost, then continue uphill in the same direction, heading for the edge of Wappenbury Wood, owned by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and carpeted with bluebells in spring, followed by orchids. Apart from Wednesdays and Saturdays, walkers are welcomed into the wood (though not dogs).

9. Otherwise continue straight on, walking gently downhill where the wood turns left at a footpath sign, until you reach a road by a group of houses.

10. Here, cross the road, taking the lane opposite and through the hamlet of Wappenbury, turning right at the first junction, towards St John’s Church.

11. Turn right again by a postbox before reaching the church, through a hedge gap.

12. Walk straight across a large field past farm buildings on your left, until the end when you walk slightly to your left and down half hidden steps, crossing a stream via a wooden footbridge.

13. Climb up a slope and again, cross straight across another field to reach a corner, where you walk through a hedge gap and up the right side of a field. Continue to follow the field edge until you climb over a stile by a large and beautiful oak tree.

14. Cross a stream via a footbridge and climb up through trees to a field via a stile/gate.

15. Follow the right hand hedge to emerge onto Hunningham Road, turning right and immediately left, walking through the village of Weston to arrive back at your starting point.

This walk links to the Coventry Way, a 40-mile walk which encircles Coventry, giving you plenty of opportunity to extend it should you feel that the route below is not sufficiently challenging for you! The full details of the circular walks adjoining the Coventry Way can be downloaded from http://www.acoventryway.org.uk/.